HARRISBURG – Sen. Doug Mastriano of Adams, Cumberland, & York Counties and Erie County Sen. Dan Laughlin have introduced legislation to control insulin costs in PA. Senate Bill 957 would cap the price of insulin at $30 or less for an individual’s thirty-day supply. It will also direct the Attorney General to investigate pricing of insulin in PA to ensure adequate pricing is achieved and determine if additional consumer protections are needed. A report of the findings of the investigation would be made available to the public no later than one year after enactment. 1.4 million people in the Commonwealth, over 11% of the population, are currently diagnosed with diabetes. Additionally, 3.5 million Pennsylvanians have pre-diabetes and an estimated 89,000 are newly diagnosed each year. These individuals often rely on insulin to survive and manage their blood sugar. If approved, PA would join over 20 other states who have recently enacted similar laws. The bill is before the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee where it awaits a vote.