HARRISBURG – Luzerne County Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski introduced legislation providing a way for students at any of PAs 15 state community colleges and the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology to complete their degree or certificate program and secure a steady, full-time job before beginning to repay the cost of their tuition. Under House Bill 827, graduates would have 10 years to pay off their tuition, interest free. Once established, the Delayed Payment Plan program would pay up front for students attending one of the state community colleges or the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology who pursue a degree in a high-need career path and agree to stay in PA after graduating until their tuition is repaid. The agreement would require the graduate to pay back what they owe using a minimum of 2% of their future earnings within 10 years of graduating – interest free. Anyone with an outstanding balance following those 10 years would be required to pay an interest rate of 3.5% on their remaining balance until they’ve finished paying their tuition. The bill now awaits referral to committee.