HARRISBURG – Lancaster County Sen. Scott Martin and York County Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill are proposing a constitutional amendment allowing voters to have the final say in how executive branch powers can be exercised without an active emergency declaration. Martin says in May, PA voters sent a message to Gov. Wolf when they voted to clarify that one person should not make unilateral decisions that affect Pennsylvanians. Fast forward to September when Wolf single-handedly instituted a mask mandate for all schools. The proposed amendment to the PA Constitution would ensure that no extraordinary powers afforded to state government’s executive branch departments or agencies under a Governor’s emergency declaration, may be exercised without a Governor’s emergency declaration in place. It also would clarify that no department secretary, acting secretary or agency can issue mandates, guidance and/or directives without an official emergency declaration in effect. Constitutional amendments must be passed in two consecutive legislative sessions by both the Senate and House before the measure can be placed on the ballot for voters to decide. The earliest this proposed amendment could reach voters for consideration is May 2023.