HARRISBURG – Legislation is being proposed which would rectify false eviction records data and eliminate a major barrier that currently prevents thousands of Pennsylvanians from accessing safe and stable housing. Currently, a tenant is marked with an eviction record the instant an eviction case is filed against them. The tenant might win their case, or the case may settle or be withdrawn, but that initial filing follows the tenant as part of their record. When landlords run tenant screening reports on prospective tenants, these filings show in the results, regardless of whether the tenant was ever actually evicted. Bill sponsor, Philadelphia County Sen. Nikil Saval said his measure corrects this flaw by ensuring that eviction records are sealed unless and until a landlord wins their eviction case against the tenant. Documents in eviction cases would be accessible to the parties and their attorneys for the duration of the litigation, but remain sealed from the public. After a landlord wins a judgment against a tenant, the records would be unsealed. Cases that are withdrawn by a landlord, end in a settlement, or end in a victory for a tenant, would remain under seal.