HARRISBURG – After the recent school shooting tragedy in Uvalde, TX, Sen. Doug Mastriano is planning on introducing legislation that will allow school employees who possess a valid PA concealed carry permit to be armed while on school property to enhance the safety of school children and staff. An employee who wishes to carry a firearm on school property would be required to complete a rigorous firearms course from a certified instructor with a signed certificate showing completion of a training and proficiency course for the firearm the employee intends to carry on school grounds. Currently, 28 states have in statute that teachers or school staff can be armed while on school property.

PSEA President Rich Askey doesn’t like the idea. He says to put more guns in our public schools will endanger students, staff, and first responders. He added that first responders arriving at the scene of an armed confrontation will have a more difficult time distinguishing a perpetrator from a school employee with a gun. Askey noted that PSEA does not oppose the use of trained and armed school safety personnel in schools, such as school safety officers. These professionals have the training and experience to respond in a crisis.