HARRISBURG – Older Pennsylvanians and those with disabilities who qualify for a rebate on rent or property taxes paid in 2021 will be receiving more money this year. A proposal to give one-time bonus rebates to claimants of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program recently became effective when Gov. Tom Wolf signed Act 54 of 2022 into law. Under the new law, Pennsylvanians approved for a rebate will receive an additional one-time bonus equal to 70% of their original rebate amount. This means the total amount a claimant will receive could be as much as $1,657.50 – up from a previous maximum of $975. Revenue Secretary Dan Hassell said if you are a claimant who has already filed your application form for the 2021 claim year, the Department of Revenue will take care of everything to ensure you get the extra money. If you are an eligible Pennsylvanian who has not yet filed an application, the application deadline was recently extended to Dec. 31, 2022.