HARRISBURG – Legislation has been proposed which would provide property tax relief to more disabled PA veterans by allowing them to reduce the assessed value on their property in relation to their disability rating. Currently, 100% permanently disabled veterans can obtain 100% property tax relief. Those not 100% permanently disabled receive no reduction, even though they can experience significant challenges. Senate Bill 844 would allow for a reduction in assessed value of a disabled veteran’s property value – building and land – for the purposes of property tax assessment. The assessed values would be lowered in relation to the individual’s disability rating. Under the bill, a disability between 10% and 30%, would be a reduction of $7,500. For a disability between 30% and 50%, the reduction would be $10,000. For a disability between 50% and 70%, the reduction would be $12,500. For a disability of at least 70%, the reduction would be $15,000. Each veteran must have been honorably discharged and have a service-connected disability as declared by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Only primary residences would be eligible. The bill is now before the Senate Finance Committee for consideration.