HARRISBURG – Pro life groups reacted to Gov. Tom Wolf’s executive order on abortion. PA Family Institute President Michael Geer says, “This new executive order just confirms Gov. Wolf’s title as PA’s most extreme governor on abortion, Just as Pennsylvanians do not want their tax dollars paying for abortions, they also do not want government, through the use of tax dollars, advertising and promoting abortion.” Geer added that Wolf’s claim the PA Constitution provides a guarantees a right to an abortion is simply not true. PA Pro Life Federation’s Education Director, Bonnie Finnerty commented that Wolf wants PA to become an abortion magnet. We already have over 32,000 abortions a year in the Commonwealth, equating to five kindergarten classes lost each and every day. Rather than pushing for even more abortion and competing with radical states like New York and New Jersey for abortion tourism, we should concentrate on providing compassionate care and tangible support for pregnant women in need and their vulnerable children.”