HARRISBURG – For the second straight year, PA’s students have under-performed on state-issued standardized tests compared to pre-pandemic results, in some cases worse than 2021. PA House Speaker, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler said this year’s abysmal PSSA scores, especially in language arts and biology, are another reminder that government is forcing students to remain in a broken education system that is failing today’s students. Cutler added when Democrats here in PA chose to side with their special interest allies instead of parents, families, and students, they did so at the expense of preparing our students for a rapidly changing world. Republicans have, and will continue to, advance education policies that empower families to make the best decisions possible for their children and their future.Cutler concluded that they are encouraged Governor-elect Shapiro has agreed with some of these proposals in concept and hope to continue to find common ground on these issues moving forward.