LANCASTER – Planned Parenthood has returned to Lancaster with the opening of its new center at 902 Manor Street. For the past two years, while Planned Parenthood Keystone was undergoing a capital campaign for the new center, patients were still able to access health care through tele-health. Planned Parenthood Keystone served over 2,000 patients in Lancaster since it closed its clinic on Lime Street in April 2020. The new center is called the Dr. Daniel D. Wert Health Center. It’s named after a long-time supporter, donor, and volunteer of Planned Parenthood Keystone. Wert said , “I, therefore, consider it a privilege and an honor to be associated with our new Planned Parenthood Keystone Health Center here in Lancaster. A number of Lancaster County leaders have spoken out against their planned effort to bring medical abortions to the center.