HARRISBURG – A law firm hired by the University of Pittsburgh to investigate the university’s inhumane, unethical and taxpayer-funded fetal experimentations released their findings and several core questions remain unanswered. Astonishingly, the report reveals that there was no investigation into the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) where the aborted babies are obtained for fetal experiments at Pitt like grafting the baby’s scalp to lab rats. According to Dan Bartkowiak with PA Family Institute There are so many questions left unanswered with this biased investigation. He said, “There are several alarming revelations included in this 27-page report. One is a consent form that is presented to women being asked to submit their aborted baby for experimentation. The PA Abortion Control Act states that the person obtaining informed consent may not “employ the possibility of the use of aborted fetal tissue or organs as an inducement to a pregnant woman to undergo abortion.” Pitt claims this is an “independent review” yet one of the three authors of the investigation’s report is a 2004 Pitt graduate, Michael Heesters. When it was announced that this law firm review would take place, PA Family laid out ten questions that required answers from the publicly-funded University of Pittsburgh. While there is some evidence to point to the process of how aborted babies end up on the lab table, none of the ten questions are fully answered.