HARRISBURG – Several election-related bills are being proposed by Philadelphia County Democrat Rep. Chris Rabb. One would require special elections to happen sooner when a seat becomes vacant more than 90 days before the next election; require automatic mail-in voting for all elections while providing county election boards the option to establish satellite voting sites; and allow candidates to electronically obtain nomination petition signatures. Rabb also has a bill in the works that would establish rotating ballot positions for candidates, requiring the randomization of each precinct’s list of candidates so that no individual precinct would reflect the same order on the ballot, thus ensuring that no candidate has the unfair advantage of topping every ballot. Rabb also is drafting a measure that brings ranked choice voting to PA. He said ranked choice voting is a reform that enables voters to rank candidates by order of preference rather than simply choosing one candidate. Doing so promotes majority support, discourages negative campaigning, and provides more choices to voters.