HARRISBURG – State officials are encouraging Pennsylvanians to do a simple test for radon in their homes as part of National Radon Action Month. DEP Acting Secretary Ramez Ziadeh says 40% of homes in PA have a higher level of radon gas than federal guidelines. Breathing in high levels of radon can cause lung cancer. Because radon levels vary from home to home based on local geology and house foundation type, all Pennsylvanians should test their home to protect themselves and their families. Radon tests are available at hardware stores for about $20, or you can hire a certified radon tester. While a radon test can be done any time of year, winter is ideal because doors and windows are closed, providing more accurate results. For many helpful resources, including videos and webinars on how to test your home and how a radon gas reduction system works, visit the website: dep.pa.gov/radon.