HARRISBURG– Focused on the importance of the Pennsylvania Judiciary in civics education, the Pennsylvania Courts today held their first annual Take Your Child to Work Day event, inviting staff from all sectors of the judiciary to bring their children to work to learn about the work and the role of the state court system. Chief Justice Debra Todd said, The Pennsylvania Courts play a critical role in the lives of all Pennsylvanians. By inviting children into the court world, we’re giving them the chance to see firsthand the things they learn about in school about the court system. When we bring learning opportunities like this to our kids, we not only build on the firm educational foundation set by their amazing teachers, but we hopefully encourage the next generation of legal professionals to take our place on the bench someday.” Nearly 60 children and their parents are scheduled to join judges and staff for the half-day program to learn more about the key role the judiciary plays in the lives of Pennsylvania families. This event was part of the courts’ efforts focused on civics education.