HARRISBURG – PennDOT is partnering with multiple vendors to resume motorcycle safety training classes for residents through a statewide pilot program for the rest of the year. Classes were put on hold during the pandemic and are restarting with mitigation measures in place. Classes will be scheduled, weather permitting, at multiple training sites across the state. Class schedules are coordinated by each third-party training provider for their individual locations and additional information can be found at penndot.gov/PAMSP. Classes under the program are free to PA motorcycle permit and license holders. Successful completion of a basic or intermediate course waives the requirement to take a skills test at a PennDOT Driver License Center and automatically earns the permit holder their motorcycle license. Motorcycle permit holders who complete a 3-wheel basic course will earn a motorcycle license with restriction prohibiting the operation a of 2-wheel motorcycle. PennDOT will continue to offer a virtual motorcycle training course for those under 18 who are required by law to complete a department-approved motorcycle safety course before they can take the skills test and obtain their license.