HARRISBURG – PennDOT is pre-treating major roads in advance of the winter storm. Anti-icing trucks wet the highway with salt brine before a storm’s arrival. The solution lowers the freezing point of water and slows or prevents ice from forming a bond with the pavement during the early stages of a storm. The public can track the location of PennDOT plow trucks on the website, 511PA.com. The department’s primary goal is to keep roads passable, not completely free of ice and snow. PennDOT will continue to treat roadways throughout the storm until precipitation stops and roads are clear. Motorists need to allow plenty of space when driving near plow trucks. Also, motorists should never attempt to pass a truck while it is plowing or spreading winter materials. If you must be on the roads today, PennDOT urges you to pack an emergency kit. A basic kit should include non-perishable food, water, blanket, small shovel, and warm clothes. Motorists should take into account special needs of passengers such as baby food, pet supplies or medications and pack accordingly.