HARRISBURG – PennDOT has lifted the temporary restriction on trucks and other vehicles from traveling on interstates in south-central PA. Due to the winter storm impacting the region, PennDOT temporarily restricted certain vehicles from using the interstates yesterday to help ensure that the interstates remained open during the most challenging conditions of the storm. PennDOT also has lifted the speed limit restrictions on all roadways in the region. Speed limits were reduced yesterday to 45 mph on interstates and several other routes in the region. All speeds are restored to their usual posted limits. PennDOT is continuing to treat roadways in the area and will continue until roads are clear. Also, take note that many towns in the region have lifted their snow emergencies due to improved conditions. Tonight as temperatures drop below freezing, expect any slush or water to refreeze which could cause black ice and make for slippery conditions overnight into tomorrow morning.