NEW HOLLAND – New Holland Police have added additional charges to Lauren Palm (age 39 of Ephrata), who on May 5, 2022 who stopped for speeding. Officers observed signs that Palm was under the influence of alcohol and/or drug/s. Palm did admit that she had smoked medical marijuana prior to driving her vehicle. Paraphernalia used to smoke the marijuana was found inside her vehicle as well as an open container of alcohol. A portable breath test was conducted and showed the presence of alcohol. Palm was unable to complete field sobriety tests accurately. Palm later refused a test to detect her alcohol and drug levels, which will automatically suspend her driver’s license. Her charges now are (1) Count of DUI (M), (1) count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (M), and (2) Summary Traffic Offenses. The above charges were filed as a result. Palm is presumed innocent.