HARRISBURG – Lobbyists would be subject to new openness, transparency, and ethical conduct requirements and have less influence in state government under a proposal unveiled by Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman and Speaker of House Bryan Cutler. The package builds on the state’s Lobbyist Disclosure Act and closes existing loopholes exploited by lobbying and campaign consulting firms. It prohibits campaign consultants from being registered lobbyists or engaging in lobbying elected officials for two years. It would also prohibit lobbyists from receiving or paying referral payments to another individual, lobbying firm, or campaign consultant. Lobbyists and campaign consultants would also be prohibited from being hired or employed by a state entity for the purpose of influencing any branch of government. New ethical conduct standards include mandatory annual ethics training, new registration requirements for lobbyists whose clients are seeking financial assistance or grants, and prohibitions on collecting an inducement or performance bonus through a third-party affiliate when securing taxpayer-funded grants. The bills are to be introduced in the weeks ahead.