HARRISBURG – PA House lawmakers unanimously approved a voter roll integrity bill. House Bill 143 would address the state’s inability to remove deceased individuals from voter rolls. Even though PA has processes in place to address such issues, but they are inefficient. In law, the actual time elapsed between when a voter passes away until they are removed from the voter rolls can be up to three months. The PA Department of State recently settled a lawsuit which claimed there were 21,000 dead people listed on the rolls as active voters. Bill sponsor, Lebanon County Rep. Russ Diamond said election integrity begins with the confidence that our voter rolls are accurate. He added that a more efficient process of cleaning up our voter rolls will not only eliminate future lawsuits, but further safeguard the integrity of our elections. Specifically, Diamond’s legislation will amend Section 1222 of Title 25 to mandate a monthly report of the names of deceased individuals to be removed from the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors or SURE system.