WASHINGTON, DC – PA’s two U.S. Senators have responded to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to Congress. Republican Pat Toomey said Zelensky and the Ukrainian people’s bravery and resolve has shown the world that Ukraine will do everything they can to stand up to Putin. Zelenskyy once again made clear that the Ukrainian people need our help, including by ensuring the Russians do not receive a single penny to fund the killing of Ukrainians. America can lead the rest of the world in answering Zelenskyy’s call by imposing secondary sanctions on the entirety of Russia’s financial sector which would effectively prohibit foreign banks anywhere in the world, under the threat of U.S. sanctions, from making payments to Russian banks, including for oil and gas. Stopping these funds from flowing to Putin’s war machine is a critical lifeline for the Ukrainian people.

Democrat Bob Casey responded that Zelenskyy spoke clearly and eloquently about Putin’s brutality and outlined the support he needs from the world. The United States stands by the Ukrainian people and we will work with our allies to support their needs. Putin’s aggression has shocked the world, but it’s also shown the strength of the Ukrainian people & unity of freedom-loving nations. We must seize this moment to rebuild & strengthen the alliance of democracies against growing authoritarianism, both in Europe & around the world.