HARRISBURG – The PA State Police released an analysis of data collected from all trooper-initiated traffic stops in 2022. The data collection program is designed to identify patterns and trends in traffic stops and outcomes, and identify ways for improvement in policy, training, and supervision. Dr. Robin Engel of the National Policing Institute is a leader in the field of criminal justice, with expertise in assessments of police behavior, police use of force, and police-community relations. She and her research team analyzed information gathered from over 440,000 trooper-initiated traffic stops last year. State Police Commissioner, Col. Christopher Paris said the data shows the department has made great progress in these outcomes and we’re proud of the work our troopers continue to do. Engel commended PSP for re-establishing their comprehensive data collection system, and the findings should inspire confidence among residents toward PSP leadership and their troopers. You can read the report by clicking on the picture below.