WASHINGTON, DC – PA’s two U.S. Senators Bob Casey and John Fetterman introduced legislation which would provide support to the organic farming industry through expanded funding for research agencies and universities, and ensuring organics research is prioritized at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Specifically, the Organic Science and Research Investment Act will require USDA’s research agencies to better coordinate on organic research and extension, ensuring that the USDA considers organic research priorities in its budget justification to Congress, and studies the feasibility of certifying more research land as organic. It will also boost funding for the USDA’s Organic Research and Extension Initiative which supplies grants to universities and other research institutions for organics research and has provided about $5 million for such research at Penn State University over the past two years. The bill will also create a statutory grant program to support producers as they transition to organic production.  PA ranks fourth in the nation by number of certified organic farms with over 1,125. In 2021 alone, PA farms produced and sold $1.09 billion in organic commodities.