HARRISBURG – The first-ever PA Senate Second Amendment Caucus has been formed and will be chaired by Potter County Sen. Cris Dush. The Republican lawmaker says our sacred, Constitutional right to arm and protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our property is non-negotiable, and we must defend it. Dush is again sponsoring Senate Bill 357 to fully allow for the concealed carrying of legally owned firearms. He also plans to introduce legislation that would prevent financial institutions and credit card companies from tracking Second Amendment transactions of law-abiding citizens. Dush officially announced that he will be co-hosting the 2023 Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally on Monday, June 12 on the state Capitol steps. The rally brings together law-abiding gun owners from across the Commonwealth, pro-Second Amendment lawmakers, and many other concerned citizens. Some local state senators who are part of the Second Amendment Caucus include Lancaster County Sen. Ryan Aument, York County Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill, Sen. Doug Mastriano of Adams & Franklin Counties, and Sen. Greg Rothman of Cumberland, Dauphin & Perry Counties.