HARRISBURG – In light of the illegal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government, Sen. David Argall of Berks & Schuylkill Counties will introduce a resolution urging Congress to take further action. Argall said, “Tyrants like Vladimir Putin and those that support him must not walk away from their actions unpunished. We must urge Congress to take every step possible to support Ukraine and punish Russia for disrupting decades of European peace.” The resolution will urge Congress to designate the Russian government as a state-sponsor of terrorism; designate Putin as a war criminal; sanction Russian leaders who have violated human rights; and block all assets and all transactions of Russian banking institutions. It also places an embargo on Russian oil and gas; increases NATO reinforcements to all Baltic nations; provides humanitarian assistance to displaced Ukrainians; and bans all air travel over Russia. Argall represents four of the ten communities with the highest percentage of Ukranian ancestry in the United States.