HARRISBURG – A party line vote was held by the PA Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee on the issuance of subpoenas for critical information from the PA Department of State as part of a forensic investigation in the state’s election system. Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman said the Senate has clear authority to conduct the review and is not about trying to overturn the last election. The subpoenas will include all guidance issued to counties and all communications between the Department of State and county election officials. Subpoenas were also approved for key voter data, including lists of all registered voters, voter activity, the method by which voters cast their ballots, and changes in voter registration. Corman praised Committee Chairman, Jefferson County Sen. Cris Dush for leading the hearing saying he answered all questions posed by Senate Democrats openly and honestly, in stark contrast to the Department of State’s refusal to participate whatsoever in the Senate’s efforts to provide transparency and oversight of our election system. Democrats are vowing to challenge the subpoenas in court.