HARRISBURG – Lancaster County Sen. Ryan Aument took the oath of office to begin the 2023-24 legislative session in the PA Senate. Aument begins his third term in office. He was elected by his colleagues to serve as the Senate Majority Whip for the session. In this leadership role, he will act as assistant floor leader, work to gain support for legislation, and ensure that GOP policies and strategies are maintained through the cooperative efforts of the majority caucus. Aument says he will work collaboratively with his colleagues to pass meaningful reforms that will positively impact the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians, such as reducing the tax burden; limiting sexual content in schools; pursuing energy independence and increasing electric grid reliability and resiliency, ensuring all students have access to a quality education through Lifeline Scholarships; and boosting economic competitiveness and advocating for the acceleration of the Corporate Net Income Tax reduction that was passed last year.