HARRISBURG – PA Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman introduced Senate Bill 10 to expand voter access, implement greater efficiencies within PA’s voting process, and maintain election security. The bill requires mail-in & absentee ballot signature verification, allows counties to open mail-in and absentee ballots up to three days prior to the election, and expands the region in which poll watchers may serve from county to statewide while increasing the area a poll worker may serve from their home election district to any voting location in the same county. The bill also changes the county deadline to start sending mail-in and absentee ballots to voters to 28 days ahead of the election instead of 14 days, moves the application deadline to request a ballot to 15 days prior to an election, which is the same deadline as voter registration, and creates the ability for counties to establish secured locations for the return of ballots at the County Courthouse, permanent offices of the Election Board, and polling places.