HARRISBURG – Senator David Argall took to Twitter and Facebook today to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Wolf’s restrictions that have done significant damage to the restaurant industry and will cost many independent employers and employees their livelihoods. He mentioned that John Longstreet, CEO of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Londging Association, estimates that 7,500 restaurants could permanently close, leaving some 200,000 unemployed in coming weeks. He said the only significance of the 25% (occupancy) number is that it puts restaurants out of business and employees on the streets. A restaurant owner said, “We were not even at 50% (capacity) to begin with. It’s not like people rushed back. We didn’t have to stop people from coming into the restaurant. Customer confidence is way low. Going to 25% (capacity) didn’t solve anything,” he said of the governor’s order. “All it did was make us get rid of our employees”.