HARRISBURG –The Keystone State has launched PAyback.pa.gov, a new online money-back guarantee system that allows residents, businesses, charities, and schools to check their eligibility for a refund of their permit, license, or certification application fee and request a refund if they believe they are eligible. Using PAyback, PA workers and businesses can also see the standard processing time for each application and request a refund if the application is not processed within that time frame. In his first month in office, Gov. Shapiro signed an Executive Order directing all state agencies to standardize time frames for how they issue permits, licenses, and certifications, and directed the Administration to create the money-back guarantee tool to request refunds when the state does not meet those time frames. Within 90 days of signing the Executive Order, every Commonwealth agency under the Governor’s jurisdiction catalogued all 2,400 total permits, licenses, and certifications issued for the first time ever.