LANCASTER – Gov. Tom Wolf paid a visit to Lancaster along with the secretaries for PennDOT and DEP, Rep. Mike Sturla, and Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace to highlight innovative local anti-littering measures and called for action to combat PA’s litter-problem. The Wolf Administration released the state’s first-ever Litter Action Plan. The plan is the work of over 100 stakeholders from state and local government, businesses, the legislature, and more–and includes both current initiatives and recommendations to clean up the more than 500 million pieces of litter scattered throughout the state. The plan featured Lancaster’s Tiny Can Project, which installs “tiny cans” or trash receptacles every few houses on both sides of the street for an entire city block in three target areas. Residents with a “tiny can” in front of their house are responsible for emptying the receptacles on trash day and disposing it with their regular trash collection. The plan’s recommendations for lawmakers feature several proposed changes to existing laws and three new proposed laws.