HARRISBURG – A bipartisan coalition of criminal justice advocates, national policy experts, and state lawmakers are calling for passage of legislation to expand Pennsylvania’s groundbreaking automated expungement system. Tomorrow, this coalition will host a press conference in the Capitol Media Center to discuss the state’s current system, initial outcomes, and the bill’s proposed changes. In 2018, Pennsylvania became a national leader in bipartisan criminal justice reform when state lawmakers passed the country’s first Clean Slate law. Since then, nine other states have followed suit, eleven more are considering legislation now, and recent studies prove automated expungement policies create significant economic opportunities wherever they are passed without compromising public safety.
HB 689 would build on that 2018 framework to expand automated expungements to more Pennsylvanians who have proven they can remain crime free. The groups will also discuss preliminary results of a new poll of Pennsylvanians’ views on criminal justice policies, and more.