HARRISBURG – PA’s first ever Jewish Legislative Caucus has been formed. Berks County Sen. Judy Schwank said it’s important to have a caucus that stands against hatred and hate-based violence, not just against Jewish Pennsylvanians, but Pennsylvanians of all faiths. The Caucus will work to incorporate the perspectives and needs of PA’s Jewish communities in legislation passed by the General Assembly. This includes speaking out against anti-semitism and other forms of intolerance; protecting the civil rights of all Pennsylvanians; modernizing PA laws to address the growing threat of hate crimes; and improving security measures for organizations predominately serving Jewish communities and other vulnerable communities at risk for hate-based violence. They also will celebrate Jewish culture and heritage in the state and serve as a liaison to local, state, and national organizations serving Jewish populations. Members include legislators who are Jewish themselves or connected to Jewish communities through their families or the populations they represent.