HARRISBURG – State lawmakers are still waiting for answers to a massive data breach that impacted 72,000 Pennsylvanians due to the failure of a third party vendor, named Insight Global, to secure personal health records. The PA Department of Health contracted with Insight to do contact tracing for individuals who tested positive for COVID-19. In February, a whistleblower informed the department of a data breach within the system; however, it was not made publicly known until a reporter broke the story at the end of April. Lawmakers called for an immediate termination of the contract with Insight and tried to get answers. Last month, the state Health Department posted an emergency contract with a Boston-based firm, Public Consulting Group, LLC, to conduct contact tracing over the next year. The contract is $34 million, $10 million more than than the initial contract with Insight, despite a decline in coronavirus cases from a year ago as well as the National Guard taking over the contact tracing program. The House State Government Subcommittee on Governmental Operations will hold a public hearing this afternoon to review the state’s emergency procurement process in light of this latest contract. The hearing will feature the Department of General Services, Department of Health, and other key stakeholders to discuss emergency procurement reforms made in other states.