HARRISBURG – One member of the Joint Committee on Documents is PA’s House Speaker, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler, who voted against the mask policy order. Cutler said that the proceeding before the panel was not about whether school children should wear face coverings. It was about whether or not each branch of state government will follow the law and respect our Constitution’s design that directs the legislative branch to make the laws that govern our people. He added no unelected government bureaucrat should ever have the sole and unilateral authority to issue open-ended “orders.” He added, “Instead of respecting the legitimate differences of opinion on how best to manage the challenges of schools and COVID-19 (e.g. local control verses state-directed control), the acting Secretary of Health issued an unlawful order to achieve the governor’s ultimate goal. In a representative democracy, the protection for all people is in our processes. Those processes may seem lengthy and full of legislative and regulatory roadblocks, but that is by design, so that no one person, authority or interest can outweigh the voices of the people. Therefore, any time steps in our processes are ignored for any reason, we are eroding the very fabric that holds our democracy together. Finally, I encourage the House’s standing legislative committees to engage in legislative oversight over the executive and judicial departments, including the review of any published or unpublished documents, such as policy statements, to ensure they are not masking as regulations. Should our lawmakers find additional cases of evasion of law or process, they should immediately seek to invalidate those efforts.”