WARREN – The Chair of the PA House Pro Life Caucus issued a statement on the governor’s decision to end the Department of Human Services contract with the Real Alternatives program. Warren County Rep. Kathy Rapp says the decision to terminate PA’s contract with the Real Alternatives program “shows me that this administration, and the wider Democratic party, are no longer pro-choice. Choice implies that struggling mothers would have the option to seek life-affirming pregnancy and parenting support service. However, cutting crucial funding for Real Alternatives and its 83 crisis centers statewide shows me this administration is not pro-choice; it is pro-abortion.” Real Alternatives offers support services that empower women to protect their health, choose childbirth rather than abortion, receive adoption education, and improve parenting skills. The program operated through three previous Democrat governor administrations. Rapp added that eliminating the funding for Real Alternatives “is proof of pushing Planned Parenthood and prioritizing abortions over a woman’s right to seek alternatives, including adoption.”