HARRISBURG – The PA House Government Oversight Committee has accepted a referral from PA House Speaker Bryan Cutler and House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff to investigate reports of “ghost” flights landing at PA airports that may have contained children who entered the country illegally. The committee also voted to affirm its ability to issue subpoenas over the course of the investigation. According to Cutler and Benninghoff, media accounts and the governor’s office have expressed that the unidentified individuals arriving on these flights were placed onto chartered buses and driven to unknown destinations outside of the state. No information has been made public regarding the individuals on these flights, nor has any state agency provided any details on the flights in any official capacity. The House leaders said Pennsylvanians deserve answers as to what the executive agencies of the Commonwealth knew about these flights and why information was not made public prior to or after the arrival of these flights. Under PA House rules, House leaders can refer investigations to the House Government Oversight Committee. You can read the referral letter by CLICKING HERE.