HARRISBURG – As PA government enters September without a completed budget, House Republican Leader, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler noted that the failure has Pennsylvanians paying the price of unnecessary political games. Cutler says the fact that we are staring down Sept. 1 without a completed budget is an undeniable failure of Democrats to lead the PA House successfully this session. Since necessary Fiscal Code legislation that directs how budget money is to be spent has not been passed, funding for important programs cannot be driven out, including support for PA hospitals, funding to combat and mitigate the effects of Avian Flu, and increased EMS funding. He says the most glaring example can be seen with some students who were forced to return to a known failing school because of the failure of House Democrat leaders to give these children an educational lifeline through scholarships to attend a school of their choice. Cutler added that House Republicans have put forward a people-driven, future-focused set of ideas to truly help Pennsylvanians and address their concerns.