HARRISBURG – PA House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff has reacted to giving employees under Gov. Tom Wolf’s jurisdiction an additional five days of paid leave for showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Benninghoff said the same administration that, without notice, permanently ended thousands of jobs and shut mom-and-pop stores across the state with its ill-advised and overbroad economic shutdown is now forcing many of those same individuals to finance this week-long paid vacation or cash payouts. Benninghoff added that taxpayers deserve better and those who have suffered financial devastation as a result of this administration’s destructive unilateral action are due an explanation as to why they are struggling to make ends meet while funding additional vacation time for the governor’s employees. If the five accrued days are not used, administration employees will be paid out the remainder of the leave time in a lump sum payment. The Treasury Department estimated Wolf’s proposal will cost more than $100 million.