HARRISBURG – Today, only days after its introduction and without public hearings, Democrats on the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee voted to advance Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta’s House Bill 300, a bill that would subject Pennsylvania families, businesses and professionals to numerous harms, including allowing men in women-only spaces – like locker rooms and bathrooms – and lead to sanctions against religious entities that adhere to longstanding convictions. Shockingly, in a party-line vote, and reportedly at the behest of the ACLU, the committee voted to remove some of the limited protection language for religious schools included in the original bill. Tom Shaheen, Vice President for Policy at Pennsylvania Family Institute stated, “The Democrats on the committee vote gutted the right of churches and religious schools to hire all employees that share their religious beliefs about sexuality and gives a new cause of action to sue churches and schools. Those supporting this bill are listening more to special interests groups over the people of Pennsylvania.” The PA House Judiciary Committee passed Rep. Kenyatta’s House Bill 300 by a party line vote, 12 Democrat yes votes to 9 Republican no votes. It now moves to the full PA House of Representatives for consideration.