HARRISBURG – The PA House approved House Bill 1 which opens a two-year window for child sexual abuse victims to take civil action. House Republican Leader, Rep. Bryan Cutler of Lancaster County said while taking steps to help past victims, we have not done enough to protect other victims, including one who testified recently at Speaker Mark Rozzi’s listening tour event. Cutler said, “We saw every House Democrat vote this week against holding sexual harassers and abusers accountable for their actions in blocking a vote to allow the Ethics Committee to form, as an accusation against a current member is widely known. The statute of limitations amendment was passed in consecutive previous sessions as required to change the Constitution, but the Wolf Administration’s Department of State failed to follow public notification requirements, forcing the Legislature to repeat itself in passing the amendment in the fall of 2022 and again this week. The House also passed House Bill 2, which would provide the same window, but without a constitutional amendment. The legislation now advances to the PA Senate.