HARRISBURG (AP) – Millions of dollars that help local governments manage storm-water runoff are at stake as the PA Supreme Court considers a lower court’s decision that a state-owned university was not required to pay because of its tax-exempt status, a decision that also raises questions about whether the charges are even legal. In January, Commonwealth Court ruled the storm-water charge imposed by the borough of West Chester is actually a tax; therefore, the state-owned West Chester University should not have to pay an annual bill of around $130,000. Some boroughs and townships in the Keystone State are asking the state Supreme Court to overturn the ruling, warning that millions of dollars are at stake. John Brenner, the Executive Director of the PA Municipal League, said the case represents an additional threat to the financial stability of the state’s many municipalities. Roughly 60 localities in the state charge a storm-water utility fee. Some homeowners get bills of just a few dollars per month, while large commercial properties can end up with much higher costs.