HARRISBURG – Pennsylvanians would be able to participate in a statewide paid family and medical leave program under a bill approved by the state Senate Labor & Industry Committee. Senate Bill 580 will give workers the ability to invest small deductions from their weekly earnings into a state-run employee benefit program, administered by the Department of Labor & Industry. Workers can then use the fund to care for themselves or a family member in the event of a serious illness; to care for a new child, including adopted children; or care for a member of the military in qualifying circumstances. The measure must pass the Senate Appropriations Committee and a Senate floor vote, before advancing through the PA House. A House version of the bill, House Bill 181, passed the state House Labor & Industry Committee and Appropriations Committee and is awaiting a full vote in the House. If signed into law, PA would join 13 other states offering paid family and medical leave to eligible workers.