HARRISBURG – Reaction to Gov. Wolf’s Executive Order is coming from PA Family Institute. PFI Communications and Policy Officer Alexis Sneller said, “Pennsylvanians who wish to reduce or cope with their unwanted same-sex attractions or lessen their gender dysphoria should be free to seek and obtain professional help, but Gov. Wolf looks to use the force of government to stop them from achieving their own therapy goals.”  The executive action comes as the Wolf Administration has been earmarking taxpayer money to pay for irreversible surgeries, such as double mastectomies to remove healthy breast tissue from minors and irreversible and experimental hormones for children, the same which are used to chemically castrate convicted sex offenders. PFI Senior Counsel Jeremy Samek said, “Individuals deserve, on an equal basis, the professional help they want to reduce or cope with unwanted sexual desires in the same way any other person seeking counseling for other unwanted or hard-to-control desires.” Samek added, “The U.S. Supreme Court, in NIFLA v. Becerra, strongly suggests that counseling bans violate the constitutional rights of clients and their counselors.”