LANCASTER – PA Education Secretary Dr. Khalid Mumin visited the School District of Lancaster to learn more about their career and technical education programs, including the Educator Rising Program at McCaskey High School. The program gives high school students the opportunity to build their own teaching skills and practice them by working with local elementary schools. Such CTE programs help address teacher workforce shortages by giving students who want to become teachers the tools they need to succeed. Earlier this year, the Shapiro Administration announced that career and technical education entities, including those in school districts and charter schools, could apply to create new programs to prepare students for careers in education. The program is designed to engage and prepare secondary students interested in pursuing education careers and builds on the department’s efforts to recruit and retain more teachers in PA. McCaskey principal Dr. Justin Reese said they are proud of the range of career and technical education opportunities available to students at McCaskey High School, as well as their collaboration with business leaders to address local workforce shortages.