HARRISBURG – The PA Department of Environmental Protection is encouraging residents to “Fight the Bite” and protect themselves from mosquito bites and West Nile Virus. Jennifer Stough with DEP says they are monitoring mosquitoes and cases of the virus. There are many things people can do to protect themselves from mosquitoes: eliminate standing and stagnant water near your home in bird baths, kiddie pools, and other outdoor decorations which can be mosquito breeding grounds if the water sits for a few days; keep gutters clean of debris; wear insect repellent or long sleeves when mosquitoes are active, usually around dawn and dusk; repair window screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home; and clean up litter in your neighborhood. More information on mosquitoes, West Nile Virus, and other mosquito-borne diseases can be found at dep.pa.gov/westnile.