HARRISBURG – The PA Chamber has responded to the state Senate Democrats proposed $4 billion COVID-19 relief plan. Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr says help is needed as they work to weather the storm brought on by this health care crisis. He adds it’s unfortunate that Senate Democrats chose to go against many of the groups they highlighted as trying to help with this assistance package when they voted against the critical liability protections included in House Bill 1737. That legislation didn’t cost any money and would have provided relief to thousands of small businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, daycare centers, and restaurants, among others. Instead of standing with the 80 local chambers and over 75 statewide associations representing a wide range of constituencies in supporting these much needed protections, the caucus by and large sided with personal injury lawyers. Barr added we need to identify what industries need in order to survive the pandemic. Targeted liability protections are at the top of the list. Information on the proposal is available online at pasenate.com/pacares.