HARRISBURG – The PA Senate returned to session Thursday to finalize the General Appropriations Budget. Gov. Josh Shapiro signed into law the spending plan for fiscal year 2023-24. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman, Lancaster County Sen. Scott Martin said the action will ensure critical state funding can be distributed to counties, schools, service providers, and other key programs throughout the state. Martin added, “Our goal remains to complete a fiscally responsible budget without creating disruptions in the lives of the people we represent.” Although the Senate’s action ensures the overwhelming majority of services are funded, certain programs will still require enabling language before funding can be released. Nearly $1.1 billion of the General Appropriations Budget requires implementation language. The budget hit a roadblock in July amid discord over a proposal to create a $100 million Lifeline Scholarship Program which would give students in the lowest performing districts money so they can attend a better school of their choice. Shapiro initially supported the proposal, to the consternation of most Democrats and teachers’ unions. In an attempt avoid an impasse, Shapiro announced that he would veto it, which he did yesterday.