HARRISBURG – PA Health Department data shows the Keystone State is reporting fewer births, while the state’s abortion industry, which is suing the state to force taxpayers to fund abortions, is profiting from more abortions and failing state inspections. Abortions increased 7% since 2017, which amounts to 88 abortions a day. Annual births in PA dropped 3% from 2017-2019. Nine of PA’s 17 abortion facilities failed at least one inspection last year, including six of the 12 Planned Parenthood clinics. These nine locations that failed state inspection are where the vast majority of abortions are performed in the state. Each of these locations are also part of a lawsuit demanding the state gives them tax dollars to cover abortion. PA Family Institute President Michael Geer says the abortion industry continues to put women at risk while taking the lives of thousands of pre-born children for money. This is why Pennsylvanians need elected officials to pass Senate Bill 956 – a proposed constitutional amendment that would prevent courts from forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions. It would also protect PA’s current pro-life protections by keeping abortion out of our state constitution.