HARRISBURG – PA Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding is urging residents to take action now to tackle the spotted lanternfly by using a circle trap to eliminate large numbers of the pest without harming beneficial pollinators or small animals. Last season’s insects have laid eggs on outdoor surfaces in masses of 30-60 eggs, each covered with a mud-like protective coating. Pennsylvanians are reminded to destroy these egg masses now to prevent large populations this season. Those who find spotted lanternflies on their property can reduce the population and its impact by trapping and squishing them. You can click on the picture below to access Penn State Extension’s instructions on making a circle trap. Traps can also be purchased through agriculture and nursery supply stores. In March, the state’s quarantine to control the insect expanded to 45 counties. The quarantine prohibits the movement of any spotted lanternfly life stage including egg masses, nymphs, and adults, and regulates the movement of articles that may harbor the insect. For more information, visit agriculture.pa.gov/spottedlanternfly.